Past Peace Awards

Examples of Peace Awards

Daniel was born in Korea, and he reads, writes, and speaks Korean fluently. His family was separated during the Korean War and this experience moved him to action at an early age. While in ninth grade, Daniel was one of the authors of the book Lost Family and he held a press conference at the National Press Club which was attended by both American and Korean reporters. Through Voice of Divided Korean Families (VODKF), which he co-founded, Daniel has led numerous awareness campaigns in his efforts to promote the reunion of Korean-Americans with their families in North Korea.

Ye Eun, known by her friends as “Zoey”, participated in the Model United Nations and has been involved in Amnesty International all four years of high school. She attended Amnesty International’s regional conference, and she has sought to expose her school community to the issue of human rights abuses, educating her peers about the crises in North Korea, Burma, and the Middle East. Throughout her involvement she constantly used different means of raising awareness, such as hosting a documentary screening, staging an in-school protest, and engaging the club in a building project.

Sarah believes that law enforcement officers are in a unique position to promote peace and understanding in local communities. To promote the positive image of police officers as peacemakers, Sarah has become involved in a number of outreach programs. On many Saturdays Sarah works for the “Cops on the Block” program which is designed to help citizens learn different ways to prevent crime and protect their children. She has conducted sessions with children on distinguishing right from wrong, developing community values, and promoting regular school attendance.

Abrar has been actively involved in promoting peace both globally and locally. She has been an advocate for human rights, including Palestinian human rights, voicing her opinion to her representatives, attending rallies, etc. She is also an active supporter of the “Arab Spring” and traveled to Tunisia to document the aftermath of the revolution and to aid Libyan refugees in that area. Locally, Abrar is active with the Interfaith Youth Action Group. This group implements projects directly related to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Abrar gave a Unity Speech at the 2010 9/11 Unity Walk in Washington DC, and she was selected as a member of the Human Rights Commission which works to eliminate all types of discrimination in our community.