Many opportunities for fellowship, growth, and participation in the life of the Meeting occur as individuals come together for committee service. Since we have no paid staff, volunteers do all the work of the Meeting, especially through the committees. The newcomer packet includes a description of each committee. Committee and position assignments are listed in the directory and on the bulletin board. All are welcome at any committee meeting, except those of the Personal Assistance Committee and, on rare occasions, Ministry and Care, for privacy reasons.  Meetings are often held before meeting for worship on the third First Day. Ask a committee member for details.

If you would be willing to help one of the committees (Ministry and Care, Religious Education, Nominating, Advancement and Outreach, Peace and Social Justice) or work with one of the coordinators (Hospitality, Directory, Library, Finance), please contact one of the Co-Clerks. Alternatively, you may feel called to take a personal initiative in other areas such as peace and social justice, publishing a newsletter, outreach, and so forth. You may find it helpful to discuss your individual leadings with the Ministry and Care Committee.

We are still in the process of developing web pages for our committees.  Any such pages will be listed here and available from the menu.  For now, we just have pages for:

In addition, however, blog posts are available for the following committees: