Sunday, Aug 21 at Noon – Corruptive Influences on Congress

Bill Wilson will lead the discussion. Many feel Congress has become influenced by more than ‘the will of the people’ in modern times. How does this alter our representative democracy and affect decisions? Is everyone across the political spectrum – left, middle, and right – impacted? What efforts are underway to correct it?  How do we as Quakers influence the dialogue and provide a forum that seeks solutions?

Bill Wilson is an attender of Patapsco Friends Meeting. He is not affiliated with any political party, and prefers his political discussions to ‘generate more light than heat.’ He seeks to understand the viewpoints of others, but has felt a strong calling to educate on this issue. His love of solving problems led him to become an electrical engineer and project manager for products ranging from car wash point-of-sale systems to communications test equipment. He lives in Columbia, MD with his wife and six cats.

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