Sunday, June 12 – Patapsco Friends hosts Chesapeake Quarterly meeting

Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting
Sunday, June 9, 2016, 9 am -3 pm

Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting is an association of Quaker Meetings in central and southern Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore-Homewood, Baltimore-Stony Run, Gunpowder, Little Falls, Patapscpo, Patuxent, Sandy Spring, South Mountain


9:00 Welcome and Light Refreshments (coffee, bagels, etc.)
9:30-10:30 Chesapeake Quarter Business Meeting, Sarah Bur, Clerk
10:30 Meeting for Worship with Patapsco Friends, Karen Ownbey, Clerk
12:00-1:30 Mexican Almuerzo (Vegan Lunch)
1:30-3:00 Program: Growing Our Meetings: Inreach, Outreach and Integrating Newcomers


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