Emma & Tom Byrne Peace Award

The Emma & Tom Byrne Peace Award is established to recognize Howard County students working to promote peace and peaceful resolution of conflict. The Byrnes, originally from Scotland, members of Sandy Spring Friends and Patapsco Friends Meetings, were enthusiastically involved in Peace and Conflict Resolution programs in Howard County. Of particular note is Emma Byrne’s “Peace Rap” which she performed for the youth of Howard County in schools and community events.

Many have been attracted to Quakers because of the Peace Testimony. The enthusiasm with which Friends follow their leadings to “speak truth to power” in the pursuit of peace has garnered the admiration of many. Instead of joining in actions that may lead to destruction and death, Friends urge all to cooperate to save life and strengthen the bonds of unity among all people. All are urged to create the conditions of peace, such as freedom, justice, cooperation, and the right sharing of the world’s resources, seeking not only peace with one another, but also peace with the earth.

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