6/21/2015 at Noon: Unity with Nature Presentation and Discussion


A practical look at the impacts of our actions on our local environment are and what we can do to mitigate those harmful impacts. We will talk about our food systems. Specifically the miles that our food travels to reach us, pesticides used on our crops and what those impacts are to our ecosystem, and soil loss and what that means for our future growing practices. In addition we will talk about our transportation systems. Specifically, fuel efficiency and usage, heat island effect, stormwater runoff and heating of streams caused by water hitting hot asphalt and running directly into creeks.

But, do not despair! The second portion of the presentation will be a discussion of what PFM can do to mitigate these impacts. Some examples will be: planting a permaculture garden, carpooling and planting trees along our neighborhood creeks.

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