Meditation Group


PFM’s Meditation Group meets the 2nd Sunday of each month, including summer months. We typically have anywhere from 5 to 10 participants each week—some Quakers, some not. We come to meditate with others who are striving to include meditation into their daily spiritual practice, and some who simply enjoy meeting and meditating with our group.

We take turns facilitating the meditation group; the diversity of facilitators enhances our knowledge and dedication to the practice of meditation. There are literally scores of meditation methods, and we learn many different viewpoints and approaches throughout the year. This group is for novices and for the seasoned meditator. All are welcome!

May 31st Meditation

In the month of May, due to the 2nd Sunday falling on Mother’s Day, we will have our meditation group on May 31st from 9:15 to 10:25. The facilitator, Eileen, will delve into Concentration Meditation. She will use a Himalayan Salt Lamp as the object of focus. There are thousands of objects of attention that are classically prescribed for developing concentration. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is an ideal object as it readily holds one’s attention and brings peace or joy to one’s mind without creating too much excitement or boredom as you focus on it. Come and experience the peacefulness and accessibility of this form of meditation.

See the calendar for our next meeting.

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