April Pamphlet


The Pamphlet Reading group will meet again on Tuesday, April 21st at 7:30.

For our next pamphlet we will read “Quaker Witness as Sacrament” by Daniel O. Snyder.

What happens when we understand prayer as a kind of “inward activism” and political witness to Friends’ testimonies as a kind of “outward prayer?”

Dan Snyder has spent his adult years wrestling with the apparent dichotomy between the pulls of an inward call to a spiritual life of contemplation and an outward call to respond to the problems of the world. He has concluded that rather than competing with each other, these two calls are parts of a single whole that must be joined if he is to be faithful to either. How is this done? The author offers his own insights and the shared discoveries that have emerged from exploring these questions with students over a series of terms at Pendle Hill.

This is Pendle Hill Pamphlet #397, and there should be copies on the hall table at the Meeting House. Jean has volunteered to lead the discussion.

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