3/10 and 3/24/2013 Discussions on Revising FCNL Policy Statement

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) needs Friend’s input in order to rightly revise the FCNL Policy Statement.  The Policy Statement is the guiding document regarding the concerns, values and discernment Friends identify to be of particular importance for the next few years.  This document is to be revised as needed but was last done in 2003.

A discussion/worship sharing to reflect on, review, and discuss the policy will be held in two sessions at Noon after Patapsco’s worship and simple meal on March 10th and 24th.

The link provided here will give you access to several documents that may help Friends prepare for our planned discussion and worship sharing for revising the FCNL Policy Statement.  Navigation tip:  Once you click on the Policy Statement link what comes up is actually an overview of the whole document.  In order to get a real handle on the document’s intention click on each “We seek” item to pull up the complete text for the item.

Another link is to a list of queries for issues that FCNL feels they need our help to rightly revise.  FYI: Patapsco’s Peace & Social Concerns Committee found this extensive list a bit overwhelming in total, so it’s suggested that the reader pick one or a few that seem important and bring your concerns and inspirations to our discussion.  Our discussion/worship sharing is not necessarily intended to address all of these issues; rather it is to focus on what we are led to respond to.

You will find that there are also links to:

  • an introductory letter from the FCNL Policy Committee
  • a Bible Study guide
  • instructions on submitting responses.  This is not a link for readers to be concerned with at this point. One person from our Meeting will be assigned to use this link to report the results for the entire Patapsco FM Community.  Although FCNL does accept personal responses, we suggest that friends not do this unless you feel the Meeting isn’t responding to your satisfaction or you feel led to respond personally.
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