8/26/2012, 7pm – “Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship” discussion group organizational meeting

Join us in reading an important book for the life of our communities

Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship

Organizational meeting: Sunday, August 26, 7 p.m.
at a private home in Columbia

From Quaker Books website:

“There is a common misconception that most Quakers assisted fugitive slaves and involved themselves in civil rights activism because of their belief in equality. While there were Friends committed to ending enslavement and post-enslavement injustices, Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship reveals that racism has been as insidious, complex, and pervasive among Friends as it has been generally among people of European descent. The book documents the spiritual and practical impacts of discrimination in the Religious Society of Friends in the belief that understanding the truth of our past is vital to achieving a diverse, inclusive community in the future.”

“No slaves amongst us, and those few Blacks who have had their freedom secured are provided for as to food and raiment.” —Fairfax (Virginia) Quarterly Meeting, 1794

We will be purchasing books from Quaker Books for $28 apiece, and plan to read and discuss this thought-provoking book in four sessions. Meeting times & places will be discussed at the organizational meeting.

Use our contact form to request more information.

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