Sign up for Clean Energy and BYM gets $20

If you sign up for low-price electricity from  April 16 – July 9, 2012, BYM will receive $20!

Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM) Friends have expressed a strong desire to lower our carbon output and also to take the pressure off of strategic fuels like oil as a pathway toward peace. You can choose clean, renewable wind power for your home right now. Clean Currents, the Rockville-based electricity supplier, makes it easy and affordable with no installation or switching fees and the same consistent flow of power to your home.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting has already made the switch to wind power through Clean Currents and is now offering a special rate for you and other members. You’ll save money by paying the fixed price of $0.0755/kWh for generation and transmission services for one year. Plus, you are supporting the growth of our domestic renewable energy industry!

Sign-up today for Clean Currents wind power at home and list Baltimore Yearly Meeting and a $20 donation will be made back to BYM.  Click here to make the switch in less than 5 minutes![defunct link]

For more information contact Emily Conrad at Clean Currents: [defunct link] or 301.754.0430 ext.706[defunct number].

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