Guidelines for Scholarships (2/2011)

From the minutes of the meeting for worship with a concern for business, 2/6/2011, the revision below to the guidelines for scholarships was approved.  The guidelines were originally approved on 7/3/2005 as part of the Policy on Expenditures.  Additional discussion on these guidelines for scholarships appears in the minutes from 1/2006, 3/2006, 7/2006, 9/2006, and 1/2007.  On 9/3/2006, the business meeting approved a budget process for the developing the scholarship budget.

Guidelines for Scholarships

While scholarships/grants may be given for a variety of events, not all of which may by known or anticipated, specific guidelines are given for those which occur most often.

Those members or committed attenders who plan to attend BYM events (examples: annual session, the Women’s Retreat or one of the summer camps); or broader Quaker events such as FGC or Pendle Hill would qualify for a grant, as follows:

  • The cost of one week of camp per child
  • The cost for two nights at the annual session
  • 25% of a BYM sponsored event (other than camp, covered above)
  • 25% of FGC Annual Gathering (at the lower end of living arrangements, such as camping or cooperative dining)
  • 25% of the Pendle Hill cost

People needing more than the above amounts should not hesitate to request more for consideration. People are also encouraged to ask for scholarships from the sponsoring organizations of the various events.

Approved, 7/3/2005
Revised, 2/6/2011

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