Interchange – Winter 2010

Exploring Quakerism sessions happily occupied us at PFM from September through December. We gathered on 2nd and 4th Sundays to read and reflect on topics ranging from simplicity and integrity to Meeting for Worship and the spiritual work of a Business Meeting. Our sessions culminated with a lively “alphabet soup” simple lunch where Friends reviewed Quaker organizations and lingo.

Adult Religious Education continues on with Third Sunday Spiritual Enrichment Sessions. We have plans for a session on clearness committees and the re-scheduling of our “snowed out” session on the writings of John Woolman. Sunday January 17 the film Minds on the Edge will be shown by the recently created Mental Health Ministry.

Recently at PFM, a new group grew out of an attender’s leading to advocate in the mental health arena. The inital response to the group has been strong. It is known as the Mental Health Ministry, and it is under the care of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee. Their first goal is to educate us about the social issues of those who suffer with mental illness and potentially reach out to other Meetings interested in doing the same. The expository film Minds on the Edge depicts a panel of nationally recognized experts and others, who wrestle with very serious societal dilemmas without arriving at a consensus or resolution. Given the significant contribution Quakers have historically made in the mental health field, the Mental Health Ministry seeks to revive this time honored focus, at a time in our society when people with mental illness are still under- served and stigmatized. If Friends from other Meetings are interested in learning more about this ministry please feel free to contact Polly Scott directly at

During the holiday season Friends at PFM reached out to a family in Baltimore City who lost their home and possessions in a house fire. A collection was taken up to restock their kitchen with basic items they requested including dishes, pots and toaster oven. Bags of groceries and hand knit blankets were delivered to the family’s new apartment, along with a box of Christmas treats. Meanwhile back at our Meetinghouse, Christmas Eve brought 30 Friends together for Silent worship followed by cookies and fellowship. A perfect way to usher in this joyous season of Light.

We look forward to the challenge of hosting the Interim Meeting in March. We hope it will provide us with the opportunity to work together and share our cooking and hospitality skills. Hope to see you there!

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