2005 End-of-Life Workshops & Worship Sharing

“Of the two births we experience, we can only prepare for the second–which we call death. May your time of preparation be full and happy.”

Quote courtesy of Steve Stahle

No one will leave this world without passing through the door of death, which may create difficult time for us and for those whom we love. We have planned these gatherings to address the needs of the Patapsco Friends Meeting community in our preparations. Each will feature speakers in the field, an introduction to local, national, and Quakerly resources, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Note: Resources collected from these sessions are now in 2 binders in our library. Also, coming soon, electronic resources will be available on this website.

June 26, 2005: Opening Worship Sharing

“Do I find time to reflect on aging and dying of myself and those who are close to me? Have I given consideration to preparing for my death?”

“What role does suffering play in our spiritual journey and our relationship with God? How much suffering should we endure to honor life? How much are we prepared to endure? What else do we require from life in order to be willing to endure suffering?”

“What is the essential quality of life that makes it sacred and obligates us to preserve it? What criteria do we use in deciding when it’s right to pull the plug or withhold care? When is life complete?”

“How can I be helpful to my family and friends who are preparing for dying?”

September 25, 2005: The Process of Dying

Meeting the needs of a dying person, hospice, living wills

October 30, 2005: Death and Taxes

The legalities of dying–wills, power-of attorney, estates

November 20,2005: After a death

Celebrating a life and grieving

January 22, 2006: Final Worship Sharing

Feel free to ask any of the End of Life committee for details about these important meetings.

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