Minute on Renaming Ministry and Oversight to Ministry and Care (6/2003)

From the minutes of the meeting for worship with a concern for business, 6/22/2003:

Ministry and Oversight

Donelda Stayton, clerk of the Ministry and Oversight Committee, brought forth a proposal from the committee to change its name to Ministry and Counsel. The committee wants to replace the word “oversight” since it brings up connotations of slavery to some people.

Our Ministry and Oversight Committee combines into one committee what Faith and Practice describes as two committees: Ministry and Counsel, and Overseers. A Friend suggested that a helpful way to distinguish between the roles of these 2 committees is that Ministry and Counsel is responsible for the care of the community, and Overseers are responsible for the care of individuals. Our Ministry and Oversight Committee performs the responsibilities of both these committees.

After much discussion, Friends approved renaming our committee to the Ministry and Care Committee. That committee will continue to take on the responsibilities of Ministry and Council and Overseers as outlined in Faith and Practice.

Susan Rose volunteered to draft new language for Faith and Practice regarding the use of the words “oversight” and “overseers”. Friends will review the proposal at the next meeting for business.

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