Information on Request for Membership Transfer

June 2002

Dear Friends,

If you are currently a member of Sandy Spring Friends Meeting or any other meeting and if you consider yourself part of the Patapsco Friends Meeting community, then you may want to consider transferring your membership to Patapsco upon its becoming a full Monthly Meeting.  This note and the form provided (for any meeting) should assist you in that process.

If you would like for that transfer to become effective at the first business meeting of Patapsco as a Monthly Meeting, which is now expected this August, then we urge you to submit your request to your current Monthly Meeting as soon as possible.  Below is information on the timetable for members of Sandy Spring meeting; the timing is very tight.  If you are a member of any other Meeting, the arrangements and the timing of the meetings may be different but almost certainly is just as tight.  Please let Ken Stockbridge know if you would like any assistance with other Meetings.

For members of Sandy Spring who wish to transfer, your request first needs to be submitted to the Sandy Spring oversight committee for its approval.  The committee will then forward your request to the full business meeting, which can then approve it the same day.   No problems are expected in this routine process except that there is only one meeting of the Sandy Spring oversight committee on June 16th and one Sandy Spring business meeting on July 21st before we expect Baltimore Yearly Meeting will welcome Patapsco as a Monthly Meeting in early August.   Therefore, to be among the first official members of Patapsco Monthly Meeting, the Sandy Spring oversight committee needs to receive your request in time for their June 16th meeting.

It is acceptable to email your request to the Sandy Spring oversight committee through Jonathon Glass and Anne Hirshfield.  You may also send it (or deliver it) to Anne so that it is received by 6/15.  Please also notify Ken Stockbridge of your intentions so we can check to ensure that all requests are considered.

If you are not yet a member of any Meeting, please look for the information package on membership on the hall table or contact Ken for a copy.

Please feel free to contact Ken with any other comments or requests.

To submit your request, you can use the attached form if you like.

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