Threshing Session on Financial Contributions, 2002

Minutes from 1/27/2002 contain the item below.  The report will be added to this post if we ever find it.

Report on Threshing Session of January 13, 2002

Ramona Buck wrote a Summary of the threshing session on whether or not Patapsco Preparative Meeting should give financial contributions to other peace and social justice organizations. She also wrote detailed notes about the same session. The threshing session was held in good order. The reports were accepted by the Meeting and Friends were asked to submit any changes to the detailed notes to Ramona. Names of individual members of the Meeting will be omitted from any copy of the notes that is posted on the web site. Friends approved a minute of appreciation for Ramona Buck for her hard work in facilitating the session and preparing the summary and detailed notes of the session.

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