Minute Creating Ad Hoc Building Committee (12/2000)

From the minutes of the meeting for worship with a concern for business, 12/17/2000:

6. On the Minute to Establish an Exploratory Committee to Study Building Needs of the Meeting: For those who are unfamiliar with the issues involved, notes from the Threshing session on Building Needs are available on the hall table, and are being placed on the Web.  The RE committee noted that the design of any future building would be very important to the RE committee, as the four First-Day classes really aren’t working well in Mt. Hebron House. This minute was approved with one small change-the words “of land and building design alternatives” were struck and this substitution made: “of renting, buying, or building” The minute now reads:

“Some Friends of Patapsco Preparative Meeting feel a concern to consider what our Meeting’s building needs might be in the event we were obliged by Mt. Hebron Presbyterian Church to vacate Mt. Hebron House or in the event the Meeting came to unity about moving to another location. Friends with this concern and open to the leadings of the Spirit will form a committee to investigate the costs and benefits of renting, buying, or building and other questions relating to this issue, keeping before them that this is the beginning of a spiritual journey which may or may not lead to our moving from Mt. Hebron House, but will be a journey made together in love.”

7. On the Minute to Establish a Fund for Building Needs: The proposed minute reads: “A Fund will be established to receive money from anyone with a concern to have a reserve on hand in the event the Meeting must find another place of worship.  Once a year, the Meeting as a whole shall examine Friends’ concerns and leadings regarding the continuance of the fund and possible disbursements from the fund for other needs of the Meeting or in the wider community.” Friends had the following comments about the Minute: One Friend wants to learn what other meetings do when a dedicated fund is part of the budget. One Friend is uncomfortable with the lack of goal and time limit of the minute. One Friend believed that getting the money together for another building is akin to getting the money for any large project, such as putting a child through college.  In a short span of time, our Meeting may not be able to find the necessary resources.  One Friend asked that this minute be set aside until the Exploratory Committee has met.  A proposal was made and accepted that the Exploratory Committee address the Funding Minute as well as design issues such as the needs of the First Day School.

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