Minute on Personal Assistance Fund (9/2000)

From the minutes of the meeting for worship with a concern for business, 9/24/2000:

Personal Assistance Fund (see attached, as modified): This proposal was approved on a second reading with some revisions. In summary, a separate fund is to be established to accept voluntary contributions from the meeting to assist those who are in need. The fund will be administered by a committee to consisting of one individual appointed by the M&O committee, the treasurer and one nominated individual. The PAF committee will report annually to the Meeting for Business. The committee will determine the eligibility criteria for use of the fund.

Minute on a Personal Assistance Fund for Patapsco Friends Preparative Meeting

from Ministry and Oversight Committee

Ministry and Oversight Committee proposes that:

  • a Personal Assistance Fund be established to which members and attenders may contribute as they are led;
  • monies in this fund be accounted for separately from the general operating funds of the Meeting;
  • payments into and out of the fund be reported to the Meeting at least annually;
  • that a Personal Assistance Committee be appointed to oversee disbursements from this fund.


If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food,

And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; not withstanding ye give them not those things which are useful to the body; what doeth it profit?

Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

James 2: 15-17

The committee that oversees this fund shall be available in a timely way to members and attenders who have bodily needs: food, clothing, shelter or medical needs which if not met quickly are likely to become urgent. Requests for aid should be made to the clerk of the committee.

Responsibilities of Personal Assistance committee members and of those requesting aid:

Members of the committee should be prepared to act as a clearness committee for the one requesting help so that all are clear as to the nature of the help being requested, the level of help being requested, the likely duration of the problem and the ability of the committee to give the requested aid.

Members should be knowledgeable about public and private services available to meet bodily needs. The committee should help the person requesting aid to develop a plan to apply for available public and private assistance and help the person requesting aid to make applications for available public and private assistance both to meet short-term needs and long-term needs if necessary.

Members should be prepared to follow up with the person requesting aid and to provide spiritual support.

The business of the committee shall be conducted in strict confidence. If, however, the committee and person requesting aid are clear the problem is not a bodily need, or goes beyond bodily need or that the need exceeds the resources of the Personal Assistance Fund, then, with the agreement of the person requesting aid, the committee may refer the problem to another committee or to the Meeting as a whole.

Repayment of disbursements from the fund:

Disbursements made from the fund shall be considered non-interest bearing loans. After a disbursement has been made, it shall be the responsibility of the committee and the person requesting aid to establish a plan for repayment. The plan should be one that the person requesting aid can in good faith agree to. Aid should not be dependent on the likelihood of repayment.

Committee Members:

The committee shall have 3 members, all of whom shall be members of the Religious Society of Friends and regular attenders at Patapsco Meeting. One member shall be appointed from and by Ministry and Oversight Committee, one shall be Treasurer of the Meeting (or appointed from and by Finance Committee when such committee is established by the Meeting) and one shall be appointed by the Meeting through its nominating process. Term shall be for two years.

After approval by the Meeting of the members of the committee, it will meet to select a clerk, review its purpose and determine any other necessary business. All other meetings will be called.

Approved by Ministry and Oversight Committee, Patapsco Friends Preparative Meeting, 8th month, 8th day, 2000.

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