Threshing Session on Marriage

The announcement below comes from the Silent Announcements for 2/13/2000.  A report of the session will be added to this post if we ever find it.

Threshing Session On Marriage: Ministry and Oversight will lead a threshing session today, Sunday, February 13 at noon on marriage. The minutes from our November 1999 meeting for business state: “Several Friends expressed strong support for the intent of the minutes on same gender marriage circulated by Virginia Half Year Meeting, Alexandria Monthly Meeting, Charlotte Monthly Meeting, and BYM Young Friends. Some expressed concern that we be clear as to whether we are speaking of spiritual or legal matters. Some expressed concern that a minute on same gender marriage may emphasize difference rather than commonality. Friends asked M&O to organize an threshing session on marriage.” The Virginia Half Year Meeting and BYM Young Friends minutes are available for reference on the hall table.

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